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New opening SHOEMART

A new opening for Shoemart in Sharjah, UAE. Another great success for Effebi.

SHOEMART is the largest retailer of footwear and accessories in the Middle East comprising of 173 stores spread across UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrein, Qatar, Oman and Lebanon.

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New opening Dmail

A new opening with the temporary store concept for the brand Dmail.
Defined as "the brand with useful and unobtainable ideas", Dmail offers the customer a wide variety of products designed as real solutions to the needs of everyday life: objects and accessories in continuous re-fresh, characterized by a high rate of innovation.
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New opening Globo

The 81st Globo Store has been inaugurated in our town, Fano. The new department store of 4.000 sqm follows the Globo retail formula with large points of sale where customers can find a wide range of products for all the members of the family.
A special thanks to all teams involved in the new opening, Effebi and Globo!
A special thanks to all Effebi team involved in this new opening.
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New opening SHOEMART

SHOEMART opens a new store in Bahrein and presents the new concept designed by Dalziel & Pow, the retail design agency based in London.

Effebi has followed the customer in the development and realization of the new project: product engineering, mockup, furniture production and installation supervision
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