Our method

From concept to completion, through the planning and prototyping, we are consultants and reliable partners. Using a flexible approach and dedicated Project Management, we place our experience at the service of the final achievement.


Concept design and space planning

We interpret the brand identity
from a planning perspective
We study the most suitable solutions for construction
of outfitting, thanks to our skilled technical design team.
We make, upon request,
several prototypes of the outfitting.
We produce furnishings respecting times, costs and highest quality. Production takes place in our Italian factories.
We carefully organise the pre-assembly and packaging,
paying the utmost attention to every detail.
We entrust the installation to our
highly specialised teams, for an accurate project result.

Project manager

The PM takes care of management and coordination of the order. The PM is in contact with the client until the point of sale opening, also guaranteeing on-site supervision of the construction.

Our services.

We offer our customers a complete range of services to give shape and concreteness to their every idea and ambition.

Concept design

Concept study is focused on conveying brand identity and enhancing space and the displayed product. Careful analysis of the brand and its reference target, combined with listening to the requirements and aims of the customer are the foundations to create a distinctly recognisable concept.

Researching materials

Our R&D team is constantly engaged in product innovation: researching materials, processes and technologies enables us to continuously develop new projects.

Detailed design

From the architectural project to the implementation of the detailed designs to define all technical aspects and the possible furnishing construction solutions. The most advanced programs, CAD-CAM software and 3D projection are used in this phase, which enable the engineering and industrialisation of the product.

Prototyping and Mockup

In our facility, we produce prototypes to test new materials, finishes and special processes, linked to the development of each new project, as well as the testing and quality control of the product.

Project management

The Project Manager deals with the planning and control of each project phase, therefore ensuring the greatest attention to the requirements of each customer and the perfectly achieved result.

Logistics and Installation

We take care of logistics and shipping around the world, directly to the point of sale. We follow every stage of the onsite installation with specialised assembly teams, coordinated by our project managers.

Turnkey service

Effebi completes its offer through construction works, electrical and plumbing: false ceilings and plasterboard walls, lighting, floors and coverings, air-conditioning plant, electrical plant.


We carry out restyling or renovating quickly and efficiently, even with a store still open, making it possible for business to continue as usual.

Individual Projects

We outfit single boutiques or stores, covering all the aspects of the process up to space completion, also providing turnkey service.

Large Scale Projects

We develop formats for brands with worldwide opening programmes, offering an all-encompassing service to satisfy any requirement and support large expansion plans.

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