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The Italian brand Dan John joins our list of fit-outs!

Don John’s 150 square metres menswear store is located in the historic centre of Rimini, one of Italy’s most famous tourist destinations thanks to its culture and entertainment.

The store has been extensively designed down to the last detail, from the décor, to the atmosphere, to the window displays and clothes, all of which are displayed alongside refined objects such as vintage armchairs and lamps, which really add to the feel of the space.

A dark brown colour palette has been chosen to create a welcoming environment, with walls and a portion of the ceiling outfitted in wood panelling to delimit areas of the store selling elegant outfits. In spaces dedicated to more casual attire, dark wooden hues intermingle with white wood panelling to really give the space a bright and refined feel. A few intricate brass and gold details provide the finishing touches and bring out the surrounding décor.

The store boasts a formal yet contemporary elegance, with a distinctive style that remains in full harmony with the menswear collections themselves.

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