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In Riyadh Roberto Cavalli Junior has opened the largest boutique in the world inside the Al Garawi Galleria, the focal point of luxury shopping in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furnishings were produced made-to-measure by Effebi.

Children’s world has always been full of softness, lightness, fantasy and beauty.
To interpret and translate it is a concrete and stimulating challenge.
This new boutique wants to attract attention and show that children are important in a reality that is mainly geared toward adults.
In a world where adults buy cloche, so can the little ones!

Here they will find soft puffs where to rest and jump, pretending to be on a pumpkin; they will be able to sit at a table using small chairs that no adult can use; they will see many hearts and will always feel that their mum is near them… They will be able to feel grown-up.

Each element features mother-of-pearl finishes that add softness and shine; sofas and ceilings have curved, round and smooth shapes; curtains are soft and in double velvet fabric; gold colour shows in all glittering steel parts.

Flooring is resistant yet warm with a wood effect.
Coloured mats in delicate hues define the different rooms where children are free to look around.
A golden platform stands in the middle.

Roberto Cavalli ranks among the most appreciated fashion brands in the world, an icon of design open to everyone, with Italian creativity adding value to collections that are poised to meet the needs of each and every customer. Roberto Cavalli Junior is the collection for children aged from 2 to teenagers aged 16. It suits various moments of the season, from holiday time to everyday life.

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